Building Successful Careers

The BUD Program has helped 250 St. Louisans achieve new careers in construction.

Previously Unemployed
40% of participants were unemployed before enrolling in the BUD Program
Graduation Rate

92% of individuals that enrolled in the BUD Program completed the program and graduated.

Employed After Graduation

84% of program participants have secured a job in the construction trades within 6 months of completing the program.

Minority Participants

84% of those that enrolled in the BUD Program were minorities.

Women Participants

22% of those that enrolled in the BUD Program were women.

Veteran Participants

7% of those that enrolled in the BUD Program were veterans.


*Stats as of July 2020


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"The BUD Program changed my life. It has put me in a great position career wise. I highly
recommend this program."


"When I started it I was struggling to find any work and I was a homeless single mother. Today I have a career and make good money and am able to provide very well for my family. None of that would have happened without BUD."


This program changed my life for the better. I reach out to young teens to explore this
program because it is an excellent opportunity to better yourself with a career and an overall
experience with people who care about your future well being.