The St. Louis Building and Construction Trades Council (BCTC) has assembled a team of more than eight (8) cooperating joint labor-management construction training programs (known as JATCs) to implement and manage a construction skills pre-apprenticeship training program. This effort, the BUD program, now in its fourth year is launching careers in construction for previously un- and under-employed individuals from across the St. Louis region, with a particular focus on women and minorities.


Collectively, this group of U.S. Department of Labor (US-DOL) approved apprenticeship training programs, works with area Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) and non-profit job training organizations serving the un- and under-employed to identify candidates interested in pursuing careers in the construction industry. Once identified, assessed and assisted in obtaining basic job readiness and basic skills competencies required by the trades, candidates are enrolled in pre-apprenticeship training offered by BUD program partners for an intensive five (5) week-long skills training program.


BUD offers enrollees a comprehensive introduction to construction employment and careers and provides relevant national skills certification training, with a particular focus on job safety. Once participants have successfully completed the training they are enrolled in the BCTC employer/contractor database. The database serves as a pool of pre-qualified workers at various skill levels and proficiencies and is used by the construction owners and others in supporting the workforce inclusion goals that they are expected to meet and/or exceed, particularly in public supported construction projects.

The BCTC team includes core construction trades and their experienced JATCs with long histories of successful training and employment in middle-skills jobs in construction that offer excellent wages and benefits and career advancement.  The BCTC oversees the management, training, data collection, assessment, and certified skill training and evaluation components of the program.

The BCTC program team is committed to working with partnering owners and only offers training when entry-level jobs are available. Through its collaboration with  contractors WDBs, soft skill training providers, and other stakeholders BUD is able to  provide  job and personal support services that  offer participants and placed graduates the best possible chance for success.

BCTC tracks graduate success. This success is exemplified in its over 85% placement rate during the first three years of the program.

The BCTC program team includes, among others:

  • Brick Layers Joint Apprenticeship Training Program
  • St. Louis-Kansans City Carpenters Regional Council Apprenticeship Program
  • Construction Craft Laborers Joint Apprenticeship Training Program
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) LU 1 Joint Apprenticeship Training  Program
  • Iron Workers Joint Apprenticeship Training Program
  • Operating Engineers Local 513 Joint Apprenticeship Training Program
  • Plumbers & Pipefitters Joint Apprenticeship Training Program
  • Sheet Metal Workers Joint Apprenticeship Training Program
  • Cement Masons Joint Apprenticeship Training Program
  • Floor Layers Joint Apprenticeship Program